Environment Environment Environment


  • Consistent use of environmentally certified paper only
  • Use of 100% green electricity
  • Use of name plates without plastic covers
  • Mostly paper-free project management, switch to overall digital communication and possibilities to download print matter
  • Use of modern technology with low energy requirements
  • Waste sorting
Economy Economy Economy


  • Active member of the convention bureau’s advisory board “Do it at Leipzig”
  • Training organisation of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK as well as the Institute of Studies IST for many years now
  • Takeover of all trainees since company foundation
  • Sustainable and long-term focused HR policy
  • Steady growth of the company
event lab. event lab. event lab.
Culture Culture Culture


  • Member and sponsor of Leipziger Kulturpaten (Procurement of sponsors in the sectors of culture and economy)
  • Sponsor of Designers‘ Open in 2012
  • Sponsor of HALLE 14 e. V. (NBO for contemporary art)
Society Society Society


  • Sponsor of UN Refugee Aid
  • Sponsor of Orang Utans in Not e. V. (Orangutangs in peril)
  • Sponsor of World Wildlife Found
  • Sponsor of refugee homes and women’s shelters by donations in kind